Technology Partners

Collectively with our Technology partners, we thrive, powering the digital program furthermore achieving business results toward smart Qatar including to our clients throughout the globe.



Meddy is an online platform where people can find all the information they desire about doctors before choosing one to visit. Meddy’s aim is to help people make informed health decisions based on knowledge, not chance. People can find reviews from other patients on doctors and learn from their experiences.  


Corporater is a business management enterprise solution provider. The Corporater Business Management Platform links management disciplines, such as risk, strategy, operations, quality, projects, processes, HR, and finance in a single interface to provide the right business context to make the right decisions.


Pisano is a technology company focusing on collecting customer feedback. It does this by creating software solutions and setting up hardware (kiosks). It further collects, collates and analyses data / customer feedback for business to improve customer satisfaction and help businesses grow.Pisano is present in various industries.