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Is a Qatari patented invention for the health organizations to contact their patients and get responses from them without much human supervision. This platform has brought together IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Tele-consultation and analytics to offer healthcare services.

SCALE - Smart Communications and Analytics Learning Engine

What is scale?

SCALE acts as a bridge between Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology and hospitals Electronic Medical Records

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology automates interaction with callers using pre-recorded voice prompts & phone keypad to receive response from caller. SCALE increases access to patients using IVR automated calls coupled, with our bridging platform that pulls data and writes back to the electronic medical record in HL7 format. 

automation for Every workflow

SCALE can service any patient interactions that need the following:

  • Incoming or outgoing automated calls.
  • Secure access to the electronic medical records via HL7 protocol.
  • Integrations with SMS, email to patients or clinical staff.

Solution modules cover a wide range of  use cases from appointment confirmation, collecting feedback on patient experience, monitoring discharged patients, connecting to tele-consultation urgent care among many others.

A step towards predictive, pre-emptive and personalized care

As SCALE processes and acts on the information fed from Electronic Medical record and IVR it will provide predictive analytics. The analytics will support in early detection and improved diagnoses, help reduce the cost of patient care, save money on medicines, and provide significant insight into business performance. 

With the help of SCALE it will become easy to make advanced clinical decision and reduce preventable adverse effects, which in turn will free up the physicians’ time for more personalized care, enabling effective time management.

SCALE key Benefits

SCALE improves the delivery of healthcare for patients and adds great value to hospitals with improving business operations.

Benefits for Business 
  • Predictive analytics on appointments.
  • Efficient! Reserve agents/Staff for more personal patient engagement and higher value services.
  • Reach 100% of patients multiple times.
  • Effective communication with patients and delivery of time-critical information without spending significant amount of resources and time.
  • Optimal interface design for efficiency.
  • Audit trail at all stages.
  • Adjustable workflow according to the need of your organization.
  • HL7 Compliant, hence compatible with different HIS EMR’s.

Benefits for Patients
  • Self service rather than traditional calling, simple, fast and 24/7.
  • Multiple languages for the automated calls based on the language of preference for the patient.
  • Patients can connect to call center agents or in hospital staff to reschedule appointment or get further assistance.

Complementary Services: Implementations & Professional Services

Shoura provides professional integration & implementation services to work with key stakeholders to guide the implementation of technology to align with our customer’s strategy. Our professional services assist in the transformation of care delivery through SCALE and ensure the success of our customers automation programs. Our professional services team can help you: 

Drive Projects from planning to clinical go live
Assist in workflow design & implementations
Assist in Organizational Readiness & Change Management
Complete a full care environment technology assessment
Drive Projects from planning to clinical go live
Drive Projects from planning to clinical go live
SCALE - An Automation Platform for Patient Engagement