Vsee – Telemedicine Software

Comprehensive, Integrated video TeleConsultation Solution. Shoura is equipping health systems across the care continuum with end-to-end tele-medicine solutions designed to enable comprehensive, integrated and effective telemedicine across all clinical use cases and points of care. 

The Only Complete TELE-MEDICINE Platform to Fit Any Workflow

Robust Hippa Video & chat

Vsee Messenger: Physicians & Providers Collaborative tool

Fast, secure text + video collaboration app for provider to provider consults anywhere. The VSee HIPAA Messenger app is specifically designed for the healthcare user —providing simple, secure video, text chat, document-sharing, peripheral streaming, and more!

enable virtual visits

Vsee Clinic: Provide Personalized Patient Healthcare Online

Provide healthcare to your patients when and where they want it through a virtual waiting room & clinics. With Vsee clinic you can easily manage online patient visits – scheduled or walk-in.

Don’t change the way you work. For each consultation simply decide if they are office or remote meetings. patients can receive a link to be automatically placed into your virtual waiting room at the time and date of the consultation. Meet patients with a single click.

Build secure video & chat communications into your own app or website

Vsee SDK

Build a secure video chat into your own app or website with the VSee Web API and Mobile SDK. Have our experts create a customized experience for you with the VSee Tele-medicine Platform.

Why choose Vsee?

Disrupting the status quo in healthcare by delivering a better experience at lower cost.

1. Network Friendly and Low Bandwidth Video Chat

VSee uses less than 50% of the bandwidth of Skype at the same video quality. VSee network-sensing technology will back off when it senses network congestion, which is ideal for wireless networks like 3G, satellite, or congested intranets.

3. Privacy, Security, and API

VSee uses 256 bit FIPS 140-2 AES for all traffic. VSee provides a simple, rich API that supports secure medical workflows.


2.  Rich Collaboration
  • One-click application sharing with annotation
  • Drag and drop file transfer
  • Multi-camera support and remote PTZ camera control
4. Easy adoption & intuitive experience

Whether you intend to introduce Vsee to your patients or physicians, fear no resistance. Vsee is extremely easy to use and integrate into existing solutions to avoid and minimize learning curve.

Complementary Services: Implementations & Professional Services

Shoura provides professional integration & implementation services to work with key stakeholders to guide the implementation of technology to align with our customer’s strategy. Our professional services assist in the transformation of care delivery through Telemedicine and ensure the success of our customers tele-medicine programs. Our professional services team can help you:

Drive projects from planning to clinical go-live
Complete a full care environment technology assessment
Assist in Organizational Readiness & Change Management
Assist in workflow design & implementations
Provide end user training and engagement

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