VSee Custom Waiting Room and Telemedicine Carts

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The Challange

A leading Hospital in the united states which is a Level I Trauma Center serving adults and children in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The hospital provides outstanding care in neuroscience, heart surgery, cardiology, oncology, emergency care, burn care, orthopedics care, mental illness and more. With top specialists in more than 50 areas of medicine, Regions has recently started providing telemedicine services to rural hospitals throughout the upper Midwest. In 2013, the hospital completed its first telemedicine pilot. The pilot enabled them to practice telemedicine with other hospitals that had already established video conference technology. The problem with this model was that it was complicated to set up and secure. It required dedicated network infrastructure and expensive hardware that had to be maintained. Many hospitals, especially the smaller community hospitals, did not have the resources to implement this kind of solution

The Solution

VSee’s peer-to-peer video conference solution works over 3G/4G networks and requires no dedicated infrastructure. It offers a range of video solutions for engaging in telemedicine including: mobile kits, telemedicine carts, web-based waiting rooms, and customized telehealth portals. The Hospital evaluated four possible video telemedicine solutions. They chose VSee because of its ability to control a PTZ camera (for examining the patient) and its ability to easily share and discuss CT scans in real-time. 

As the hospital hoped to partner with community hospitals, they knew the solution they selected must also be affordable and adaptable for future needs. Vsee minimizes the technological barrier for physicians and allows integrated hardware and software solutions (e.g. the telemedicine cart) to be easily utilized for other purposes beyond telestroke. It also allows for video connection from all major platforms, including Macs, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Impact Overview

 With Vsee a proprietary low-bandwidth, video conferencing solution the problem of making virtual teamwork easy and it sends and receives high quality video over consumer-grade networks using software.

Impact statement: Compatibility with major platforms. Encrypted with military 256-bit AES encryption.

Able to connect with doctors based in different location efficiently securely and reach out to maximum patients and provide timely treatment.

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