Success stories

VSee Custom Waiting Room and Telemedicine Carts

A leading Hospital in the united states which is a Level I Trauma Center serving adults and children in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The hospital provides outstanding care in neuroscience, heart surgery, cardiology, oncology, emergency care, burn care, orthopedics care, mental illness and more. With top specialists in more than 50 areas of medicine.

Pisano – Customer Experience Management Platform

Turkey’s only corporate fitness chain Mars Sportif was managing customer experience through traditional methods. They were collecting feedback messages through paper forms. It was difficult to transfer them to the right team for analysis. Finding solutions were a result of a long and fragmented process and this led to consequences such as churned customers.

Corporater for Performance Management

Corporater’s consultant team understood that TSPDL’s leadership needed a 360-degree performance management framework. To make performance reviews effective and enhance decision making, they needed something more graphical, with easy-to-read, user-friendly dashboards. They needed a tool that would allow them to drill down to the lowest levels of the organization.